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And now I feel perfectly normal. WTF?? Maybe channeling the angst through LJ roleplaying helps...

And if I've done something stupid in the past 24-48 hours that you are annoyed at me for, I am sorry. I was spazzing out at random things. Kinda like when my baby gerbils first opened their eyes and spent like 2 days running face first into the wall for no reason. I am an idiot.

Edit(2 hours later): Definitely feel better. Mind is no longer so fuzzy.
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Ever have one of those days where it feels like something is wrong, but you aren't sure what. It's odd, and worrying me. I haven't felt this off balance in like 3 years. One minute I'm having a good time with something; the next I'm paranoid that everything is going wrong. I feel odd just being around people, which makes classes less pleasant. Maybe I'm spreading myself to thin with all that I'm doing right now... Maybe going home for fall break is a good thing. At least I won't have the stress of classes and people.

God, I sound like a whiny dumbass right now. Maybe a bit of sleep would help right now...

IM is now off, if you want me for some odd reason, drop a note here.

Edit:And it just hit me what is wrong. I'm sick with some type of sinus infefction. I have medication that works poorly when I'm sick. The worse I'm sick, the worse the meds react. I am able to step back and say, wait, I'm not reacting normal though. Think before I act and speak until I'm better I guess...
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It starts to feel as though I'm using the new babies as a way to forget the one that just died... It's like I'm trying to not even think about what happened. And I wonder now, am I wrong for doing this?

Dammit, this LJ is getting depressing...


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