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Jul. 27th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Rough day today.  Nothing like taking a gerbil to the vet's office for a routine teeth clipping and having it die of a heart attack during the appointment.  I'm still in shock and crying over it.  It hasn't been three hours yet and it feels like time is passing so slowly since it happened.

At least it was over quickly.
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Why must I always go home to dead pets? Another gerbil died...
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Another little furry fried just died after 2 days of seizures and listlessness. It just doesn't get any less depressing, no matter how often it's happened lately.
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I have a litter of four babies that were weaned recently and you know what happens? I get another litter...
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It starts to feel as though I'm using the new babies as a way to forget the one that just died... It's like I'm trying to not even think about what happened. And I wonder now, am I wrong for doing this?

Dammit, this LJ is getting depressing...
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I don't get it... It's been an entire 8 hours that she's been dead, but I keep bursting into tears when I go looking into the cage we kept her in with her sisters. Times like this make me wonder why I bother with pets, seeing as I'm always a mess when something happens to one. Dammit, I'm not getting sleep any time soon, maybe some WOW will cheer me up.
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I'm having a tough time, so don't be surprised if I disappear for a few days, or if I'm around, I'm gonna be out of it, most likely. I'm a bit out of sorts right now, due to the fact that one of my gerbils just died. Poor thing had a stroke, and was just laying there, unable to move around, for like 24 hours. Dammit, I hate knowing something is wrong and being unable to do anything about it
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This morning, I woke up to my one gerbil having 4 little ones in the cage with her. Yay, more gerbils.


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