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[Radio: (A) Chat] Compass Man transmits, "Giga Man's words are all highly eridute. He uses them vernastaticularily with much presence, poise and pwnage. Do not mock the man, he'll take your balls."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Blade Man transmits, "Umm... What's that mean?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Compass Man transmits, "I have no idea."
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It was absolutely awesome.  As are all who participated.

The best part of the scene for me:

Is it strange that I enjoyed that?  Seriously, my brother came into my room to ask me why the hell I was laughing so damn loud.

...   Really need to get myself a Blade Man icon.
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You decide.

[Radio: (G) Global] Blade Man transmits more of the same stabbing noises, then one that definitely doesn't sound like wall being stabbed.

[Radio: (G) Global] Blade Man transmits, "... Ow."

[Radio: (G) Global] Slash Man transmits, "Did you just... oh, geez."

[Radio: (G) Global] Blade Man transmits, "I missed the wall, I think."

[Radio: (G) Global] Blade Man giggles.
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I was trying to check orders on an alt, but got Blade's window. Note who assigned the orders.

============================ Orders for Blade Man ============================
Assigned by: Able City - Traffic Hub Date: Fri Mar 03 20:19:06 2006

Get magnets. Really /powerful/ magnets. Not kitchen magnets. NOT KITCHEN MAGNETS. Electromagnets are best. Give them to Amphibious Man.


Headdesking IRL != Good Idea: Blade Man says, "Nothing is more amusing than typing +orders in the wrong window and realizing you have orders from Able City - Traffic Hub. ;)"
Frozen Like Ice Man says, "Nice."
Frozen Like Ice Man says, "Save those, they may be worth money."
Headdesking IRL != Good Idea: Blade Man says, "They were from Sugar, originally..."
Testing: Shielded Recombinant Bazooka! Prismatic Spider says, "So Sugar was recycled into a traffic hub? Oh, the indignity!"
Blade Dancer says, "Had it coming."
Corpse Bride iLuz says, "hahaha"
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Well, some is from my other characters, but it's mostly Blade...  And it's a bit longer this time.  Thank god for LJ cut.  :)


Apr. 1st, 2006 02:42 pm
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Decided I'm gonna put together a small collection of humor from all the time I've been playing Blade.  There's been a lot I realize.  :)

Will be doing more of these.


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