Apr. 23rd, 2006

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<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker once did something foolish as Agile and raided a port in the middle west.
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Wait, Great Plains."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "..."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Yeah."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "A...port.  In the great plains."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Yup."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "Explain to me how you came up with this idea."
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "Maybe it was a river port for river casinos!"
<O-Master> Teenage Mutant Ninja Tengu Man says, "Switzerland has a navy IRL. They invented the stealth battleship."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "It was actually supposed to be an air port, but I screwed up in the GNN and we ran with it."
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<Public> I own Eurasia Dust Man says, "AIRCON MAN HAS FLIGHT, WHY CAN'T I?!"
<Public> I own Eurasia Dust Man sobs.
<O-Master> HAM CANNON!!! Air Man says, "Hey now.  You have no room to complain, Dust.  The guy who is like a cheesy knockoff of me can do something I can't.  ;P"
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "Yes, well."
<O-Master> Not Dead: Bass says, "Wait, what? You don't have Flight?"
<O-Master> HAM CANNON!!! Air Man says, "Nope.  No abilities."
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "Air Man doesn't."
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "And I was sure he did."
<O-Master> Not Dead: Bass says, "You do now."


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